How to Create Google Ads Campaigns Around IT Error Searches

Brand awareness is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. Taking advantage of search engine advertising allows you to tap into a huge potential audience that will help get your brand in front of more of your target customers. Google Ads is one of the most effective search engine advertisement platforms that brands can use to grow and scale. Let’s take a look at how to get started with Google Ads and why building around IT error searches is an effective strategy.

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What Are Google Ads Campaigns?

Previously known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is an advertising platform that is based on pay per click, impression, views, or conversions (whichever your goal is). There are two ways that your advertisements can reach people. The first is through Google Search and the second is through Google Display. The basic premise is that advertisers use a pay-per-click (PPC) bidding system to bid on having their ads shown to target audiences based on the keywords they’ve selected.

Each Google Ads campaign consists of varied ad groups that all point users to the same link. You can create multiple campaigns, with multiple ad groups and ads, to make sure that you are reaching your target audience in its entirety. Implementing an effective strategy will help you make the most of Google Ads.

Framing Google Ads Campaigns Around IT Error Searches Is Beneficial

IT error searches occur when internet users enter the wrong address or attempt to conduct a search from the browser’s address bar. Google’s Adsense for Errors program is designed to show relevant ads to users who would otherwise see a blank screen or error message due to entering an invalid entry. You have the option to enter your campaign into this program. If you do so, your advertisements will appear on the error pages of users who have made relevant searches.

Having your campaign displayed in IT error searches allows you to reach more of your target audience. It also helps you get your product or service in front of users who are ready to take action. In many cases, users who receive an error message and see your campaign, as a result, were intending to visit one of your competitor’s sites. Your campaign may convince them to check out your product instead of your competitor’s. The key to getting in front of the right audience is choosing the right keywords and campaign strategy to fit your needs and goals.

Choosing the Right Keywords and Campaign Strategies to Fit Your Goals and Budget

When choosing keywords, you want to select the ones that will provide you with the highest possible return on investment (ROI). When researching keywords, follow these tips:

  • Keywords should be very specific. General terms may generate more traffic but will not lead to more conversions which essentially is a waste of money.
  • Keywords should be relevant to what you are offering.
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What terms or phrases would you enter if you were looking for your products or services?
  • The keywords you choose should be linked to the wording in your advertisement. This should also match terms found on your landing page. It should all be cohesive.
  • Be sure to list variations of what you are offering. Your customers may call your product by different names, so be sure to include these as well.

When choosing your campaign strategies, you must first determine your goals. This will affect how you set up your campaigns. What are you hoping to achieve? You can choose from clicks, impressions, conversions, or views. Once you have chosen which action you want viewers to take, you must decide on a budget.

Your budget will depend heavily on how much you are willing and able to pay to acquire each customer. Other factors go into play, such as how much is in your marketing budget.

Get Started on Creating Your Own Google Ads Campaign

The first step is to create a Google Ads account. Once your account is created, click on “campaigns” on the left side of the menu followed by the “New Campaign.”

Next, select goals for your campaign including campaign type. The campaign type will determine where your ad is placed online. Once your goals and preferences have been set, you can then begin setting up ad groups and creating your first ads.

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