Communicating Complex IT Solutions in Short Video Ads

Read time: 2 minutes

People who work in tech are typically very comfortable with technical jargon and language. Words and phrases like “rootkit” and “private key” feel clear as day to those who work with computers, but the average person might see them and feel lost. Sometimes, IT companies and employees can forget that people outside of the tech industry don’t interact with this kind of language. This can be a problem for IT companies trying to market themselves, as potential clients will feel alienated by words and concepts they don’t understand. This problem becomes more evident in the popular format of short video ads; there’s a short amount of time to communicate what may be a large amount of information.
However, this doesn’t mean that IT companies can’t use short video advertisements in their marketing. There are many strategies that a company can use to make short videos that are engaging and understandable to everyone, inside and outside of tech.

Visualizations and Animations

One of the biggest advantages of video ads is the combination of audio and visuals. If you want to express a concept, you can explain it in the voice over while showing viewers a photo or info graphic about the concept. Let’s say you want to demonstrate your company’s security solutions. You can show an animation that gives the viewer a visual metaphor for how malicious hackers can take advantage of common security flaws, then follow that with a visual metaphor for your security solution. The ad’s audience will come away with a better understanding of computer security; they will also associate security concepts with your brand. Plus, visualizations are just engaging — people like watching well-designed animations.

Well-Written Scripts

It’s better to write a script ahead of time instead of just improvising a voiceover. With a script, you can have somebody read the script ahead of time and point out if there are any parts that are too opaque or difficult to understand. Scripts also lead to better line delivery and consistency in your video advertisements. People don’t want to watch videos that feel sloppy, and without specific training, improvisation will typically come off as messy. For a professional video ad, you want a script.

Clear Language

For IT professionals, technical terminology feels more concise and has the benefit of expressing complex concepts in a short amount of time. And if you’re reading an article or a paper that uses a term you don’t understand, you can look it up and continue reading. However, almost nobody watching a video ad is going to take the time to pause the video, look up the term, read until they feel like they understand it, then return to the video. Use technical language where it’s necessary: you don’t need to find a replacement for words like “malware” or “cloud.” Nonetheless, if you’re dropping jargon in a video, make sure your voiceover includes a quick, simple, and concise explanation of what that jargon is. The video doesn’t have to be exact. For example, explaining that a VPN hides the user’s data, location, and internet connection is perfectly acceptable, even if it’s an oversimplification. Talk to viewers in a language they can understand, and they’ll feel like they can trust your solutions.


Online video ads are short. This can be a blessing and a curse: viewers are less inclined to tune out or skip the ad, but you also have less space to talk about your solutions. If you decide to use a fifteen-second ad to talk about everything your company offers, you can easily end up with a long list of words that mean next to nothing to an average viewer. However, if you use that same ad length to focus on one service, you’ll have time to explain the problem and its solution, and your audience will be much more engaged. If you get specific, you can offer a story that viewers want to know more about.

IT services are essential to any business, but many people don’t fully understand how IT solutions work. Marketing IT services involves bridging that gap so your clients have a basic idea of what’s going on and what they need. If you’re trying to advertise your IT company, it’s good to think about what an average person would be familiar with. DozaCreative is very familiar with technological marketing, and we can help you with video ads that will engage the non-technical populace. Contact us today and we’ll help you with your next advertising campaign. We’re excited to get started!